Pastor G’s Introduction to the Daniel Fast Study

Let’s get it in CMBC virtual family! Are you excited about the quickly approaching new year? Are you wanting 2016 to be your breakout year? If so, there’s only one way for believers to achieve such lofty expectations. Jesus said to his disciples that some miracles only happen through 1.) Fasting and 2.) Praying. That’s why […]

Pastor Girton: Daniel Fast Part 6-7

Part 6-7: Frequently Asked Questions and Interactivity In Part 6 through 7 of the Daniel Fast study we will cover: Caution for those who have medical conditions, are nursing or are pregnant Frequently Asked Questions Recipes for Breakfast, Meals and Sides Interactivity during the fast Fasting levels of participation Daniel Fast 21 Day Journal (FREE […]

Pastor Girton: Daniel Fast Part 4-5

Part 4-5: Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid In Part 4 and 5 of the Daniel Fast study we will cover: Caution for those who have medical conditions, are nursing or are pregnant What foods you can eat by category What foods to avoid We are preparing for corporate 21-day (3 three week) […]

Pastor Girton: Daniel Fast Part 3

Part 3: How To Prepare for the Daniel Fast In Part 3 of the Daniel Fast study we will cover: How to Prepare What To Have In The House Planning Ahead Jewish Account of Cleaning Out the House Reading Labels The Benefits of Flash Freezing This is a 21-day (3 three week) opportunity to deepen […]

Pastor Girton: Daniel Fast Part 2

Part 2: Daniel Fast Overview In Part 2 of the Daniel Fast study we will cover: The Daniel Fast Overview What the Daniel Fast Is… How the Daniel Fast Works This is a 21-day (3 three week) opportunity to deepen our relationship with God and center ourselves around what God is going to do through […]

Pastor Girton: Daniel Fast Part 1

Part 1: Study Introduction an Schedules In part 1 of the Daniel Fast Study Pastor Girton covers the following information: 1.) Online Study Schedule 2.) How to Register online 3.) The Corporate Fast Schedule The Daniel Fast is a spiritual discipline designed to better connect us with God. This is a 21-day (3 three week) […]

Pastor Girton Preaches “Finish the Process” :: John 5:1-15

Video streaming by Ustream It’s an awesome thing to know that when you go into a car wash you can expect that when you come out the other end your car will be clean. It’s also important to know that when you go to the dentist that the dentist doesn’t do half the job and […]

Interruptions Part 4 :: Positioning

This is my last post on the subject of Interruptions. I certainly hope that there have been a few concepts that have been beneficial to your daily life and relationships with people who make it their business to try to distract you from your purpose. And here’s where part four shines. It’s so important to […]

Interruptions Part 3 :: Transitions

In part 3 of Interruptions I want to help us understand the upside to getting past stagnant seasons. Just like tears are water for your garden to grow, there is a relationship between pain and progress. And, if you want to transcend those situations and people who want to shut you down and cut you […]


To understand God is to understand the words of Christ. We know through scriptures that everything Christ did had to be done according to the will of God spoken through the prophets of old. When men attempted to interrupt what God was doing it was Jesus who made it clear that His time had not yet come. When people tried to apprehend and interrupt Christ’s ministry and adjust history to their own pleasures it was the words of Jesus himself who realigned their expectations by saying “my time has not yet come.”