Empowered to empower

I’m excited to share this first post with everyone. Ok especially hopeful that my friends and close partners in the New Media Mission take a constructive look at my blog in order that I might learn, grow and get better at this.

I have two blogs now. This one is dedicated to empowering others through the gifts that God has blessed me with. I wish I could take credit for how my life has turned out. But the truth is that there’s no way I could have imagined making it to where I am today.

Why have I chosen to empower? Because I have no choice! I empower others with the blessings that I’ve received. These very blessings have encouraged and sustained me when I had no way of knowing what step to take or which way to turn. Creativity became my therapy and nursed me through law suits, garnishments and depression.

I empower because I’m empowered! I’ve been re-energized and mandated to share my blessing with others groaping for something to hope in and hang on to. That’s why I’m still here. That’s why I’m not going anywhere until I’ve made all the divine appointments God has placed ok my schedule.

Maybe that’s why you’re reading this right now. You and I just might have an appointent with emowerment.