Pastor G’s Introduction to the Daniel Fast Study

Let’s get it in CMBC virtual family!

Are you excited about the quickly approaching new year? Are you wanting 2016 to be your breakout year? If so, there’s only one way for believers to achieve such lofty expectations. Jesus said to his disciples that some miracles only happen through 1.) Fasting and 2.) Praying.

That’s why Pastor G and Christ Missionary Baptist Church and our TLC virtual ministry family are offering you an opportunity to learn more about our corporate Daniel Fast. Using our virtual platform we want to share this vital opportunity to renew, refresh and return to a closer walk with Christ as we head into 2016. Here’s how you can participate.

  • Watch the introductory video
  • Enter your email and signup for the regular video updates and free downloads
  • Join in the dialogue and discussion on Facebook, twitter, and on google+

It’s that simple!

Be sure to share this study with family and friends so together you can bring the new year in on a blessed note. I’ll see you during the study and pray you join the corporate fast on December 1st.

Pastor G, the CMBC and TLC Virtual Ministry Team


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