Pastor Girton Preaches “Finish the Process” :: John 5:1-15

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FINISH-the-processIt’s an awesome thing to know that when you go into a car wash you can expect that when you come out the other end your car will be clean. It’s also important to know that when you go to the dentist that the dentist doesn’t do half the job and then send you home. What I’m describing is a commitment by the car wash and the dentist to finish what they’ve started. And this message is designed to help us understand that all of us at one time or another find ourselves in the middle of a God-ordained process. And the bad news is that we’re not in control of the process. We’re not in control of the length of the process. What we are in control of is our willingness to never give up before God is done with us.

John 5:1-15 is a familiar healing that occurs at a pool called Bethesda. There are at least three phases of this scripture that are important to see. One is the trial. The second is the test. And the third important phase of the process is the testimony.

This video is 36 minutes long and can be watch over lunch, during down time at work or during your devotional time. Please share with me your thoughts and testimonies of how you were or were not able to keep coming back when you didn’t see results…. Always remember to Finish the Process!


john Girton square photoJohn E. Girton, Jr. (aka Pastor G) is a success coach and motivational speaker who brings empowerment and entrepreneurial expertise to every audience. Pastor G shares life lessons and biblical jewels to help people reach their full potential.

As a former instructor of Journalism and Telecommunications at Ball State University and Tennessee State University and a business owner for the past 20+ years, Pastor G remains on the cutting edge of technology and is seen weekly on his Ustream channel and at the virtual ministry he and his wife founded in 2008 and

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