life interruptedTo understand God is to understand the words of Christ. We know through scriptures that everything Christ did had to be done according to the will of God spoken through the prophets of old. When men attempted to interrupt what God was doing it was Jesus who made it clear that His time had not yet come. When people tried to apprehend and interrupt Christ’s ministry and adjust history to their own pleasures it was the words of Jesus himself who realigned their expectations by saying “my time has not yet come.”

Have you ever wondered why people today have a problem with those who share the gospel in the radical yet humble way Jesus did? Does it ever dawn on you how difficult it is to represent the king of kings and the Lord of Lords in a marketplace that would rather have hopelessness in homes, schools and communities than true harmony? With all the issues and challenges we face, what gives with the people and structures and systems that have a problem with the gospel that promotes loving your neighbor as yourself?

It should be enough to see how the words and works of Christ have played out in the lives of everyone who believes and follows the example of servitude. It should be enough to know the counter-balance between the word of God and work of the Holy Spirit every day in hospitals and in intimate moments of quiet reflection. Likewise, it should’ve been enough for those who doubted the authenticity of the resurrection by the rolled away stone, the Angel, the grave clothes or the testimonies and boldness of those who accounted for Jesus’ appearances. But, that was not enough. Folk still doubted, plotted, planned and interrupted.

How do you handle interruptions in the midst of living for a higher calling? What comes out of you when your motives are questioned and you’re encouraged to operate like everyone else?

My biblical response tomorrow from Acts 4.

Pastor G

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Ive been called a lot of things by a lot of people. From coach to pastor to matter what I'm called, my main goal is to inspire others to be all God intended. I'd love to inspire you...

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