Why Pastor G Started Success/Life Coaching

John E. Girton, Jr., speaking
John E. Girton, Jr., speaking at an IHMFC, Inc. event

It’s been interesting for me to hear people ask me what I’m doing now. I get that question almost two to three times a week. People will stop me on the street, email me, hit me up on Facebook and even old clients are interested in knowing what I’ve been up to lately. I’m sure most of them have been wondering how I’ve been able to survive without their $15 branding packages, free consultation and $5 WordPress CMS website designs I’ve provided them over the past four years. I can imagine some are thinking it will only be a matter of time before I have to go back to giving my services away to pay a couple of bills.

Well, after watching my accounts receivable skyrocket, I decided to let over twenty of my clients go and simplify my business to include what people really valued from my time, effort and energy. Here’s how I came to this conclusion. I’ve been watching my recommendations on LinkedIn and noticed something interesting. I noticed what I was selling didn’t match what people wanted of value from me. I was selling graphic design and marketing services. But, honestly that’s not what people really wanted from me.

It was like a bolder knocking me over. I thought about it and I pondered what I experienced during almost every client consultation. In the midst of designing a logo, I spent more time sharing my experiences in business to motivate my clients. I used my real world experiences to guide them while at the same time creating their website. I began to consider that maybe the struggle I was experiencing had less to do with the market and more to do with what I was marketing. So, I considered what my life might be like if I spent my time doing for others what they really wanted me to do for them. I considered what my life might look like if I were doing what I loved, what came natural and what others loved for me to do. My next step was to make a decision to change.

So, that’s what I did. Instead of pushing marketing services that were starving my bottom line, I took a leap of faith, I took a risk and began the transition of pushing the services that gave me the most joy and fulfillment…motivational speaking and success coaching. That’s were I find my “sweet spot!” That’s where I excel! That’s where my passion and my purpose come together. It doesn’t matter if I’m one-on-one or in front of a group, speaking and motivating others works for me and works for those who I’ve been called to serve.

Has it been all up hill? Absolutely not! I’ve been working the switch for about three months now. It took at least a month and a half to get rid of clients who weren’t paying and were dragging me into the red. It took a few more weeks to update the johngirtonspeaks.com website and to order new business cards. And there are still weeks that I have no idea how I’m going to earn a living. But, the good news is that I love getting up everyday because before I go to bed I know I will have empowered someone. Unlike a few months before, I now know that what I have to offer is what others really want from me. They value my perspective, my expertise and my years of collective entrepreneurial wisdom. And that’s what I’m committed to providing because now my success is my clients success.

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Ive been called a lot of things by a lot of people. From coach to pastor to professor...no matter what I'm called, my main goal is to inspire others to be all God intended. I'd love to inspire you...

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