Activating God’s Favor

There’s a unquestionable truth that if you are a Christian and if you are a non-Christian, a war between two selves is constantly going on inside of you. It’s a battle between favor and famine. It’s a battle between blessings and burdens. It’s a battle between freedom and frustration. It’s a battle between worship and worry.

Now, there are those in the world who see no problem with this daily struggle. These are people who can say they love you and then turn around and abuse you physically and mentally. These are people who can smile in your face and then as soon as you turn around, they will stab you in the back. These are people who will befriend you today and then spread your business tomorrow. And what makes these folk unique is that they see nothing wrong with their behavior.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde po...But for the rest of us, this war that rages between your Dr. Jekyll and your Mr. Hyde presents a problem. Yes, you know the 1920 silent film that presents a good, upstanding, community minded, gifted and educated man, who has to wrestle with the good he does during the day and the terror he causes during the night. Dr. Jekyll comes to the conclusion that the only way to get rid of what he does at night is to get rid of who he is. And in a real sense that’s where many of you are today. You want to be free from the war. You want peace from the pain you’ve caused. You want a break from the madness. You want to own what you do that blesses others and disown the things you do that bring suffering.

Well, God has a remedy for your condition. God has a prescription for what ails you. In other words, God’s favor can free you. God’s favor can rescue you from yourself. But you can’t access the favor of God and you can’t live under the influence of God’s favor if you’re not prepared to do what God requires to activate what comes automatically.

Published by jgirton

Ive been called a lot of things by a lot of people. From coach to pastor to matter what I'm called, my main goal is to inspire others to be all God intended. I'd love to inspire you...

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